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Over the next 3 weeks (3/16- 4/6) BetterYou is running a series of challenges to help students that are stuck at home more than usual:

1. Sleep Challenge: Get 7.5 hours of sleep per night the week of 3/16. 40 people will win $50 gift cards/cash cards

2. People Challenge: Talk to friends for 2 hours the week of 3/23 on social apps (Whatsapp, Facetime, Phone). 30 people will win $50 gift cards/cash cards

3. Learning Challenge: Spend 90 minutes learning new things the week of 3/30 on learning apps (Duolingo, Masterclass, Audible etc.)

4. Mindfulness Challenge: Spend 40 minutes meditating the week of 4/6 on meditation apps (“Headspace”, “Calm”, “Stop, Breath & Think” etc.)

5. Steps Challenge: Average 7,500+ steps per day during the week of 4/13. Track using Apple Health, Google Fit, or your Fitbit app. 20 people will win a $50 gift card.


Here’s How: Download the BetterYou app with your student email (.edu). Then add a goal around the category you’d like to win (Sleep, Social, Education). Be sure to give the relevant permissions so that BetterYou can log progress automatically. From there you’ll be able to compete:

Prizes only available to students based in the US. Any student is eligible to enter by signing up with their .edu email. Students must have at least 3 days worth of app data to qualify for that week’s challenge